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Totally wicked.

That was intense. The battles were hectic and didn't slow down for a minute. Good Job!

Vixin-McCloud responds:

Thanks. What can I say? THE FIGHT SCENE WAS SUCH A BITCH TO ANIMATE AND THE SOUNDS?!! Let's not go there. Thank you. (FEED THE EGO!!)


I'll give you that much. It was interesting and different. Disturbing is an understatement when describing this movie. I'm a fan of Sonic but that's not what disturbed me. Hell I think every popular character deserves to have a gruesome death every now and then but the execution really ruined it for me.

For one thing, I felt not enough emphasis was on Sonic actually hitting the monitor, and he didn't really suffer cause he was already dead. Some overly dramatic screams of intense pain would have made the whole ordeal much funnier. I will admit I did chuckle when Eggman fooled Knuckles while hiding Sonic's leg behind his back and when Knuckles started beating on Sonic, but the rest of the movie was just ho-hum next flash.

Also, I know a lot of people liked Amy blowing her brains out, but come on... there was so much potential to really make cause some serious harm to herself instead of ending it quick. Mass violence and bloodshed can be awesome if done correctly. Simply having blood splattered on the wall and gushing out of the neck doesn't really peak my interest at all.

So, in conclusion, the idea was great, the animation was top-quality but the timing and execution really killed it for me. But anyhow congrats on your success.

Another Roger classic.

Once again, you have caused me to laugh so hard that I fell off my chair. You have the record of 10 times so congratulations, you are so funny it HURTS!! Keep up the good work.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

sure thing ^^

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That was great.

I played your other game and its was pretty good but this one is so way better. Oh and for the guy who wanted a print button, just use pint screen and copy it into paint and enlarge it or edit it or whatever you want to do. Great job.

Attention all Final Fantasy fans out there. Keep a look out for more episodes of Final Fantasy - The Real Sh**.

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